• AMELT Cooling Tower has a cabinet with a condenser coil using 1-3 air fans depending on the capacity.
  • Closed circuit cooling towers keep it contaminant free.
  • This creates two separate fluid circuits: (1) an external circuit, in which spray water circulates over the coil and mixes with the outside air to increase the efficiency of the cooling and (2) an internal circuit, in which the process fluid to be cooled circulates inside the coil.
  • During operation, heat is transferred from the warm fluid in the coil to the spray water, and then to the atmosphere as a portion of the water evaporates.
  •  In the Air Blast Type (Dry Type) Cooling Tower the technique is the same but with just one circulating closed water system, which is recommended for very cold environments to protect from freezing in the winter season. Dry Type is cost effective and requires less maintenance.


  • Our Cooling System also comes with a Make up Tank as well as a Double Circulating Pump with a Control Panel which reduces the downtime in maintenance.